Did you know that if you are an existing customer, we give you a $25 visa gift card for any customer you refer?
Tired of hype with Bogus Speeds, Freebies, and Bundles?

The Internet should be fun and productive.

Is that how it feels to you?

We have been providing local service and support for over 7 years. Everyone else tries to "bundle" services you don't need or lock you into contracts that protect them not you. We treat our customers like our neighbors, because they are our neighbors

We service the needs of those that need fast internet access but don’t want to pay the inflated prices that the big players charge while giving you little to no customer service. 

Our service plans are meant to let YOU choose what you want from your service. Why should you pay for e-mail you can get for free, or news groups you will never use.  

  • Our Pricing is never an introductory offer.
  • We will never bait and switch and there are no gotchas with Signal Internet.
  • We are and will remain locally owned and operated.

For more information please call (877) 612-4880