Signal Internet provides high speed Internet service via a state-of-the-art wireless system. Unlike DSL or cable modem we do not depend on the availability of legacy telephone or cable TV infrastructure and unlike satellite our performance does not suffer from the delay associated with a 22,500 mile path.

All that is required is a small antenna installed on the customer’s location that looks directly at one of our towers. The over the air portion between the customer and the internet runs on a proprietary system that uses authentication and encryption to protect our customers from attackers.

The customer antenna connects to a broadband router via a network cable. The router acts as a firewall to protect the customer’s home network from Internet threats and is an Isolation point between the Signal Internet network that allows customers to build their home network the way they want and not how the DSL or cable company sees fit.
Our coverage is always expanding, Current Coverage area is Brighton Co, Commerce City Co (Including the Reunion community), Stapleton Co, Broomfield Co, Westminster Co, Thornton Co and Area's East of the Denver International airport.
Our primary focus is on you, the residential user. Unlike our competitors who prioritize the traffic of their business customers, we treat everyone the same. We also do not ride on gimmicks or deals. What you see is what you get, we will not try to entice you with a low starting price only to more than double it 6 months from now. We also do not tie you to a long term contract, if you don't like our service you may cancel at any time.  



Our High-Speed Internet Service:

Up to 9 Mbps down / Up to 9 Mbps up
WAY better than dialup
$39.00 per month
$50.00 basic install

Not Contract / No bundles just one simply price. 


Additional Services:

static IP address
$5.00 / month free setup
/29 static subnet
5 useable IPs
$15.00 / month $25.00 setup
/28 static subnet
13 useable IPs
$25.00 / month $25.00 setup

Note: Speeds listed are what you should typically experience – max speed may depend on location, user’s computer, internet congestion, or other conditions. Unlimited data transfer means we don’t set an arbitrary cap and then charge for over-use – actual transfer capabilities may depend on a variety of factors. We strive to meet or exceed our commitment to you, because if you’re happy then we’re happy – but results may vary and are not guaranteed.